Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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EDIS Cloud Computing Solutions

CIOs and IT leaders are under ever-increasing pressure to improve the agility and cost effectiveness of their IT managed services. While virtualization solutions have been proven to deliver results in these areas, Cloud Computing currently dominates the industry "hype engine". Cloud Computing offers greater levels of cost-effectiveness as well as enabling convenient, on-demand virtual business continuity and network access to shared configurable resources and services that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service.

Most organizations have embraced virtualization solutions as a strategy to reduce IT infrastructure sprawl, increase manageability, add agility and improve cost-effectiveness of their IT infrastructure. Virtualization solutions and technologies continue to evolve, further enabling the Cloud Computing paradigm.

Many IT executives grapple with understanding how Cloud Computing will truly impact their organization and the right way to deliver IT managed services to their business. How can they take advantage of Cloud Computing today and into the future, and what are the pitfalls they must avoid? And how?

EDI Sourcing understands the challenges and risks inherent in Cloud Computing models. With many years of experience, EDIS provides businesses with IT business solutions to maximize financial and operational resources across a single or a wide-ranging blend of IT services. EDIS offers its Virtual IaaS providing virtualization solutions to increase data requirements without the high cost of computing infrastructures. Data center virtualization eliminates the need to purchase servers, software, data centers or network equipment. These virtualization solutions will allow your business to take advantage of virtual business continuity and the latest in Cloud Computing technology while reducing costs.

EDIS' Cloud Computing Advantages:

  • Increase efficiency with data center virtualization while reducing costs
  • Improvement of security, availability, and data protection
  • Compatible resources such as servers, storage and network
  • Administration of IT managed services as a single structure
  • Flexible scaling ability to respond to growing organizational demands

Your organization will benefit from EDIS' strategic managed IT services that expand your current operations and introduce superior data and technology methods. Virtual data centers can help you leverage your business capabilities today, while keeping an eye toward maximizing Cloud Computing where it makes sense for your business tomorrow.


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