Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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Managed Databases

ADI managed database services allow us to take over the management of your databases. ADI fully manages all aspects of the database server, tuning system and database parameters to ensure optimal performance of your database server. We also will consult with you, helping you optimize the performance of your queries and table structure.

ADI also offers managed load balancing for your database systems. Managed load balancing allows you to handle query loads that are too great for any single server to manage, and provide automatic  redundancy and failover in the case of failures

As a ADIMS customer running SQL, you always get and the following SQL support:

  • Installation
  • Convenient monthly licensing
  • Optional live database backup agent
  • Basic troubleshooting assistance

Additional SQL Database Services

  • Initial environment assessment and performance recommendations
  • Database performance monitoring
  • Customized maintenance plans
  • DBA consultation for performance improvement
  • Up to two hours of professional services per month (query optimization, log file maintenance, server performance diagnostics, etc.)

If you think you might need even more SQL expertise, we have additional DBA consultative services that are available to you on a time and materials basis.


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