Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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Move Beyond FTP. Secure FIPS 140-2 Compliant MFT Solution

Our Managed File Transfer Survival Guide gives you a step-by-step plan for building a business case to ensure your success in managing the integrity of your data infrastructure.

Download your complimentary survival guide today and learn how to:

  • Accurately assess your current file transfer solution and applications
  • Develop a transitional strategy for moving from uncontrolled file transfer to managed file transfer, including ad hoc file transfer over corporate email
  • Identify business and system requirements and prioritize areas of improvement 
  • Provide the ability to better manage and predict incoming cash flows with visibility into file transfers and transactions
  • Develop best practices for implementing file transfers between systems and external partners
  • Create a business case for line of business and executive management that addresses the value of a Managed File Transfer platform for competitive advantage  

File Transfer Security

Security cannot be an afterthought
With the growth in data security breaches, and the increased amount of sensitive customer data traveling in files, security is a critical concern for all organizations. Recent survey data shows that companies are turning to “on-the-wire” encryption as a first line of defense. This includes technologies like SFTP and FTPS. While an important first step, transfer encryption does not address the protection of “data-at-rest” on the file transfer server. And since this is an add-on to standard FTP, it means implementing and maintaining it is more difficult.  

Managed File Transfer offers advanced security 
EDIS Managed File Transfer™ provides a comprehensive solution to all your data movement security requirements. It goes beyond basic transfer encryption to provide you with:

  • Perimeter security through advanced proxy support
  • Defense in depth by employing techniques like multifactor authentication
  • Protocol inspection to defeat buffer overrun type attacks
  • Centralized visibility and monitoring to meet compliance and policy enforcement

Visibility for Better Control of Data Movement

It is hard to fix problems you don’t know about
Where is the file? With industry error rates running at an average of eight percent, you probably get this question more than you want. This is further complicated by the fact that some transfers are tied to SLA transmission problems before you got the call from your internal or external customer.

Managed File Transfer delivers actionable information
EDIS Managed File Transfer™ provides centralized visibility and monitoring to show you where critical problems are before your customer calls. This goes beyond server level monitoring to individual file transfer events that are passed through a rules engine to let you see just the actionable information you need. It provides you with:

  • Central visibility and tracking for all data movement activities
  • Proactive SLA management with alerts and notifications
  • Exception management through retry, reprocess, and resend capabilities

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