Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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EDI Sourcing understands the challenges and complexity of software development in an outsourced environment and take proactive steps to address some of the common obstacles that onsite and offshore teams face with issues with like:

  • Internal and external communications.
  • Visibility at all levels of the management in order to manage releases, requirements and individual tasks.
  • Integrated document, wiki, and discussion groups to allow the capture of collective intellectual capital - often referred to as Knowledge Management.
  • Delegated and integrated role based authentication.
  • Integration of the configuration management systems with the common development environments like Eclipse, Websphere, etc
    • The managed source code integration with the development environments further result in more visibility into the project management by being able to associate code check-ins with the tasks assigned to the developers.
    • Integrated tasks, requirements and release management from within the development environments like Eclipse to enhance the developer productivity.
    • Enforcing the existence of a task, requirement or release for code check-in resulting in the developers only working on approved projects and not on a personal agenda.
  • Integrated build management for deployment strategies for the system administrators.
  • Communication issues due to cultral differences.

Our Offshore Development Centers are empowered with innovative collaboration techniques and tools to improve the developer productivity and provide high visibility into the project and risk management.


EDIS has adopted application development best practices for both offshore and onshore development. Determination of whether to use a managed offshore development approach, offsite development or partnered onsite development can be critical in making an application development project successful in meeting financial, business, and schedule objectives. The EDIS application development process is based on the same fundamentals whether performed onsite, offsite or offshore.

EDIS' approach to application development starts with a comprehensive Project Plan with several phases for major project deliverables. Each phase will have several high-level work activities, which can be broken down into the specific tasks. 

EDIS uses Rapid Application Development and Iterative techniques to allow some work from one phase to overlap in duration with ongoing work in another phase. The typical high-level project activities and control processes are shown below. The colored columns represent the application development phases for the project while the gray frame represents the project controls used to manage the overall process.

This framework is designed to ensure that both the Customer and EDIS understand what is required to be successful and to ascertain the current status of the project.


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