Monday, January 21, 2019
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IT Portfolio Management - What we offer

EDIS Software Services offers four primary services within the IT Consulting suite, as described below:

  • Business Case Development
  • Assessments & Audits
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Process Analysis
Business Case Development

EDIS Software Services utilizes industry proven techniques and tools to perform thorough cost benefit justifications. Our services include:

  • Development of formal business case justification for proposed IT initiatives/projects.
  • Providing the right methodology to forecast and measure economic value for IT investments and initiatives.
  • Providing the expertise to assess the benefits, costs and risks of IT initiatives/projects.
  • Providing the service and/or tools to forecast, compare and track the economic value of IT projects throughout their entire life cycle.
Assessments and Audits

EDIS Software Services can provide a full range of assessments covering Information Technology audits, project performance, management performance and organizational performance. All of our assessments and audits follow a pre-defined methodology that results in the delivery of findings and recommendations based upon industry standards.

Portfolio Analysis

The application portfolio assessment is a dynamic first step in developing a plan to manage the enterprise application suite. During the assessment EDIS representatives (business and technical experts) are involved in performing the activities that give insight to the IT structure, its setup, current problem areas and future requirements. A conceptual understanding is gained of the core business goals of the organization as it pertains to 'key' outsourcing initiatives. EDIS consultants apply both quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques to determine what applications are the core candidates for an outsourcing engagement. The core of our managed outsourcing program includes three service areas:

  • Application Maintenance
  • Application Testing
  • Application Decommission/Consolidation

The steps that are followed for the portfolio assessment process are identical for each service area. The only differences are the detailed input for each set of worksheets used to gather informational requirements.

Process Analysis

An organization contemplating the outsourcing of their application development and support activities must have effective processes at the appropriate touch points to ensure efficient flow of work. The means to assess an organization's processes can be complex and cumbersome.

No matter how unique an IT organization strives to be, there is a consistent set of fundamental activities that should exist in all software engineering organizations. EDIS has grouped these activities into process categories. Using these process categories, a standard process model was developed as shown below. The Standard Process Model is designed to facilitate the assessment of our customer's activities that are directly related to software maintenance to determine process adequacy and capability. It provides the basis for a consistent, repetitive rating and measurement process.


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