Thursday, April 25, 2019
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Testing Services - What we Offer

EDIS has developed an application testing support program that assumes the responsibility of day-to-day testing of our customer's new and existing applications. Support criteria are based on client-oriented business and technical objectives. By following our proven process our clients are able to determine how to assess the requirements and where to apply the most appropriate solution for application testing. A solution is based on the need to reduce costs and increase efficiencies as defined during the assessment phase of an engagement.

IT organizations have experimented with different ways of organizing the testing process, utilizing various tools and methodologies. EDIS has developed best practices and methodologies for testing. The key services that EDIS offers include:

  • Testing Process Management
  • Test Management
  • Test Planning and Execution
  • Defect Management

The EDIS outsourced testing methodology provides a 'road map' to understanding our customer's needs, tailoring and implementing the solution, and, maintaining a service level based engagement. By applying the EDIS testing methodology you will realize the business and technical synergies of structuring a partnership with EDIS

Testing Process Management
  1. EDIS conducts assessment of the processes followed during the testing lifecycle.
  2. Process maps are drawn and mapped against best practices.
  3. The institutionalization of the processes at department and/or enterprise level is ascertained.
  4. The gaps gleaned from the assessment are quantified.
  5. Measures are discussed to bridge the same.
  6. Roles and responsibilities are defined based on rectification measures and time duration set to achieve a particular standard.
  7. Review mechanisms are set in place to check the adherence to the measures decided.
Test Management
  • Comprehensive testing is a highly collaborative process involving various business and technology groups.
  • Teams have to deal with multiple environments.
  • Project management plays a crucial function assembling the concerned parties at the right time. 
  • EDIS brings experienced project managers and in-house tools for making projects successful.
Test Planning and Execution
The EDIS testing life cycle model has been adapted from the waterfall model. In conjunction with the development life cycle it forms the V-model. The defined model does not mandate that a phase should be completed fully before the next phase begins, except when the entry criterion is dependent on the previous phase. EDIS may improve the model when more information is available on requirements and with experience in the Client's business environment.

Based on the applications business and technology area, deployment environment and users, various types and level of testing will be required. A sampling of tools and types of testing is shown below.

Defects Management

The main goal of testing is to prove that the system functions according to requirement specifications. Since testing efforts are geared toward uncovering defects before they end up in the production environment, a robust defect management mechanism is important to our ability to assess the quality of the product being tested.


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